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Vietnam Vacation 17 days from 06 Aug 2012 to 22 Aug 2012
“Mr. Lap,
My children and I arrived safe to the USA last night. I wanted to thank you for coordinating an amazing trip to Vietnam. My cultural and historical knowledge of my birth country has been enhanced as a result of your meticulously planned trip. Again thank you and I will spread the word and refer you to my friends who wish to visit Vietnam. I also returned your loaner cell phone to the taxi driver before departing for USA and hope you have it back. Wishing you a productive and fun week!
Thu Stubbs

“Mr. Lap,
Now that I am home, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service. Your guides and drivers were informative, friendly and timely. Our travel within Vietnam was coordinated and executed by your company perfectly. I must say that I was concerned about our continued movement throughout Vietnam. However, our comfort, safety and interests were highlighted and exceeded our expectations. Providing a telephone for our use and your immediate response to our frequent calls was a great assistance and a comfort to know that you were only a phone call away. Your continued attentiveness and assistance was much appreciated and made us feel safe. Your country is beautiful, interesting and fun. I will tell you that I have already recommended your services to a friend that is considering travel to Vietnam. Please feel free to use me has a reference if need be.
Thank you again for your outstanding service and assistance.
Robert A . Spelke
The Law Office of Robert A. Spelke
1614 20th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Best of the North from 17 Aug 2012 – 23 Aug 2012
Dear Lana,
Thank you for your welcoming home email. We had a fantastic time on our Tour of the North in Vietnam. I have just finished filling out you survey and I will thoroughly recommend your company Vietnam Today to all our friends. We were very impressed with your company's attention to detail and the care shown to us by your Guides and Drivers. The accommodation was excellent and the food great ( although we were a little sick when we first arrived).- Thank you for your concern. One day we would love to travel back to Vietnam and do some more exploring. Thank you once again for all your help.
Kind Regards.
Ron and Lynne Hulm Minyama, Queensland Australia

BANGKOK & VIETNAM DISCOVERY (23 days) - From July 13th 2012 to August 5th 2012
Dear Mr. Lap,
Safe at home and already back to work in the Netherlands, we are looking back to a wonderful tour through your country. The landscape, the cities, the people, everything was so great and beautiful. Thanks to yourself and the tour guides (esp. with Mong in Hanoi and Tran in Saigon we had a lot of fun), the organization was so smooth and professional, that we had no worries at all. That also contributes to a perfect holiday.
Thank you very very much for all that you've done to make this tour a success, as it starts with you and your itinerary. It was a full program but very diverse and enough time to relax now and then. Also the hotels were well chosen and diverse.
We really appreciated your own visit to us in the Hanoi hotel and that you brought us these presents. That was a real surprise!
We would like to thank you again for all your support and we promise that, for any future visit to Asia, we come back to you and your company to help us with a tour.
Best regards from our family!
Michel, Marjan, Imeldo, Jurriën and Bibi Kwaak

Vietnam Honeymoon – 18 days
Dear Nga Vu,
We send this email to congratulate you by the tour that you have organized for us. We thank you for your effort and the effort of all your team. We are very pleased with the tour: your professionalism, the organization, the staff who greeted us so kindly...
It has been a great experience.
We take this opportunity to send you some pictures. One of them with Mr. Son in Hanoi and the other with Ms. Tran in Saigon. I ask you that you send them with all our love.
Also we want to propose an improvement in your website. Something very simple like including a section where you may post pictures of your customers during the tour that they (we) send you at the end. We believe that the web would be more attractive and friendly.
Best regards,
Jordi & David

Vietnam & Cambodia Vacations - From 30 Jul 2012 to 8 Aug 2012.
Dear Lana Anh,
I enjoyed my time in Vietnam and Cambodia very much and will certainly come back for more. Trip planning was excellent and all guides were always punctual and very helpful. I do not have any complaints at all and will certainly recommend your agency to friends. Maybe next time I find a few people in Dubai who would like to come with me. I also want to see Myanmar and Laos.
Also enjoyed our dinner very much – nice little restaurant in deed. I arrived safely back to Dubai after a long wait at Saigon airport (next time I go for multiple entry visa).
Everything worked fine with the luggage, VN checked it through to Emirates. Actually felt a bit sad having only 2 days in Siem Riep (very nice place). Hotel was great – fantastic location – big pool but had no time to use it…
Wish you all the best and good business in the future and hopefully we will meet again next time – then I show you more secret little restaurants in dark alleys…
Kind regards from hot Dubai (today only 38°C)
Christine Orth

Vietnam Vacation - 17 Jul 2012 – 03 Aug 2012
Hello Ms. Le Anh,
Vietnam was a fabulous trip for us, full of strong emotions and pleasant invcontri. You are a wonderful people.
First of all I thank you and Le Anh and Dao Vi that you have been my first contact and you were fabulous, very professional and you have fulfilled all my requests ..
Thanks and a big hug.
I also thank all your team certainly worked very hard so that our holidays are fabulous.
I thank our guide who has accompaniato min in the tour explaining everything so easy and clear speaking perfect Italian, thanks Min you kindly send me your e-mail that I missed, thank you.
In the coming days I will send your judgment on the link you sent me.
If I can be useful and help from Italy, do not hesitate to contact me I will be very happy to collaborate with you.
Write me when you do not know what to do, get your news will be for me a moment of happiness greetings and kisses Valter
Mr. Valter Calo from Italia

Vietnam & Cambodia - 17 July 2012 – 26 July 2012
Dear Ms. Lana Anh,
I would like to congratulate you for the trip!!! Everything turned out to be EXCELLENT! My parents and my sisters were very very happy with the trip. We really enjoyed every part of it. The itinerary and activities were all very nicely planned and organized. The places were incredible, the tour guides, the restaurants, everything. We really enjoy our vacations and I was very happy to have chosen you and your company to provide us with your services. Everything was first class service. The attention of the tour guides, the drivers, having water available at all times, their disposition towards us.
I also wanted to thank you for everything!!! After several emails back and forth you were able to meet our needs :) We also wanted to thank you for the little gift you gave us. We thought it was very nice of you. We loved everything. It was also a nice gesture you pass to our hotel to meet us :)
I would also like to recommend you Paradise Cruises. It was THE BEST!!!! The boat was in excellent conditions, the rooms were very nice and clean, the food was delicious, the services very very good. We loved it!!!
I will definitely recommend your services and company to my friends!! It was a pleasure travelling with you.
Hope you keep doing great! It was very nice meeting you.
Alejandra from Monterrey, Mexico

Vietnam & Cambodia - June 26th 2012 – July 7th 2012
We were all very happy with our holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia. The service provided both before and during our holiday was excellent and I would definitely be recommending your Travel Agency to anyone who was traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia. All the services provided accommodation, guides, drivers meals etc. were first class and very reasonably priced. Ms. Nga was so patient with all our enquiries and so friendly when we finally met her her in person in Hanoi. We were sorry we did not have more time in Hanoi, felt another day would have been wonderful. As far as the service on the boat at Halong Bay is concerned I cannot thank you enough - it was amazing, we could not believe the wonderful food they presented at every meal and the friendly staff made it a memorable experience. Of all the hotels we stayed in our favorite was Ancient House, Hoi An.
Denise Oades from Australia

Vietnam & Cambodia Discovery - 10 May to 20 May, 2012
Hi Thao / My,
I would like place on record our sincere thanks for organising our tour to Vietnam and Cambodia.
We had a wonderful time seeing and learning about Vietnam and Cambodia.
The tour guides were very knowledgeable and helpful and assist with all our requirements.
I would also like to thank you for the wonderful gift we received as well as the birthday cake for my wife on her birthday.
I would certainly recommend your company to anyone wishing to visit Vietnam.
Best regards.
Sydney van Heerden
From South Africa

Vietnam Cambodia holiday 25th Feb to 12th Mar 2012
Tuan Phan:
We are still savoring the wonderful experiences we had on our three week journey to Cambodia and Vietnam. We were most impressed with the attention to detail and warm hospitality shown by your staff and the guides you chose to lead us. We appreciated your flexibility and expert advice in designing an itinerary so we could travel as a couple rather than join a larger group. Traveling in Cambodia and Vietnam is such a pleasure. The people, culture, natural beauty, and historical sites combined to offer all the elements we look for in a perfect vacation. We look forward to working with you and Vietnam Travel Today in designing our next vacation to Southeast Asia.
We appreciate your excellent help.
Linda Eichengreen
Douglas Beattie
From USA

Vietnam holiday 24th Dec 2011 – 6th Jan 2012
Hello Tuan!
First, I want to thank you for a fabulous trip that you set-up for me! Your team is very professional and fun. The mobile phone was very helpful to me. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Viet Nam, sans the horrible train ride to and from Lao Cai, & hope to return again The cooking class was a great experience. Thank you for adding that. I absolutely love Hue. It was my favorite city on the stop and the hotel Gerbera is top notch!! I loved all my guides, especially Tue and Quang. Tue is so smart and his English is the best. I learned so much from that man. What an asset to Viet Nam Today Travel. And Quang saved the day in Saigon. He is just a lovely young man, very professional and extremely fun and funny. He made me laugh the whole time and treated me like I was family. The woman in Mekong was so sweet too. I do not remember her name.
Can you help me here? Le in Sa Pa was great too, because he is really enmeshed with the tribal people and they seem to like and trust him very much.
Seriously, your team is just great.
Thank you! Thank you!
Tammy From Spain

Laos & Vietnam Adventure 24th Jan to 6th Feb 2012
Hi Tuan Phan,
We arrived Spain on Sunday.
I didn't contact you before, because I had a lot of work in my work.
We write to inform you that all were ok, and we enjoy a lot.
Just let you know that was great. The guides were very friendly and very attentive, they did all for us.
Thank you very much too for the presents, we like very much.
Vietnam and Laos countries are very beautiful and different from ours, so it was a very enjoyable and rewarding, to return again.
Also let you know that we had a problem with the customs office of exit, when we entered Laos, paid the visa, they put the entry stamp, like everything to do the guide, we did not check the passports, and in my passport had not the enter seal, then in Vientiane, the police wanted that I must to return to the top (customs were we enter to Laos) for me to put the seal, if not, could not get out of Laos, at the end we solve it by paying $ 100. I paid and we take the flight.
Best Regards
Anna from Spain

Best of the North - 16 Apr 2012 – 21 Apr 2012
Dear Nga Vu,
I am afraid the e-survey does not open. But just to let you know everything was perfect about the trip - the guides (including your husband), the drivers, hotel choices and all the beautiful places we visited. I will recommend to friends your travel agency, or more specifically you to arrange their holiday in Vietnam.
Best regards from Finland
Tim Bedford from Finland

Vietnam & Cambodia 16 days/15 nights, from 6 Apr 2012 – 21 Apr 2012
We have so much appreciation for you! You were created an absolutely amazing trip to Vietnam and Cambodia for us. You were instrumental in making such incredible memories for my sister and I. Our trip went very smooth and the little issues we had were always solved by you immediately. We are so happy that you were there to assist when needed! Please feel free to send this email onto your superior. You did such a fantastic job... you deserve recognition!
Our hotels on our itinerary were always very nice and clean. Two of our favorites were the River Beach Resort in Hoi An and the Angkor Holiday Hotel in Siem Reap. Both were simply amazing for food, service, value and decor.
Also, Our guides were all wonderful and received top scores on the evaluations. Three guides went above and beyond our expectations. I would like to make special mention of them to encourage you to continue with their services. I will write separate emails to you on each of them so that I can cc them on as well.
The three outstanding guides were:
Pa May Phuong - Sapa
Bui Van Hau Luda - Mekong Delta
Sene Maray - Cambodia
Thanks again, Nga!! I will definitely be posting a very positive review on trip advisor for you and your company!
Kathi and Joanne from Canada

Best of Vietnam 10 days - from 9 Apr to 18 Apr, 2012
Our guide Phuket (Phuoc) was fantastic. It is because of her that we all agree HCM was the favorite part of our trip. We really enjoyed meeting My Tran when we arrived in Hanoi,her efficiency in organizing our tour was very impressive. We also appreciate the honesty in our over payment to the company. My parents are planning a trip to Vietnam in the near future and we will most certainly be recommending you all to them. Thank you all very much
Fox-Smith Family from Australia

Vietnam Discovery 12 days - from 31 Mar – 1 Apr, 2012
Dear My,
We did mean to email you sooner than this but life returned to its usual hectic pace on our return home. We would like to thank you for the wonderful trip we had in Vietnam which exceeded our expectations.
We were overall very pleased with our guides (and drivers) who did make the trip very informative, fun and thoroughly enjoyable:-
Anh in Hanoi was very polite, accommodating and informative. I guess as she is relatively young and "new" to her role, it was at times a little challenging to understand her, requiring perhaps more concentration on our part. She did however provide us with an informative and enjoyable experience of Hanoi.
The Halong Bay cruise was fantastic! The staff and activities were all great - the cooking class was a real bonus! We would have done 2 nights instead of one if we had known…..
Mr Huang in Hue was a gem! His enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on us making Hue one of our favourites - his knowledge of the history, passion for the subject and easy-going manner made this part of our tour thoroughly memorable. His friendly nature meant the kids felt quite comfortable asking him questions - this would suggest they were actually listening and were interested!!
The free time in Hoi An was well appreciated. A rest, some shopping and some lovely food and photos.
In Ho Chi Minh City, we were greeted at the airport by Mr Hao who did seem rather serious initially. Our first impressions were obviously incorrect (think his glasses were broken and he wasn't quite himself) as over the next 3 days, we really appreciated his knowledge of the region which he imparted with a great sense of humour while he entertained us with his many anecdotes. He even managed to persuade us to try the various wines including snake wine!! The kids felt very comfortable with him and he did seem to go out of his way to make sure we were looked after. The Mekong Delta was another one of our favourite highlights.
If there was a negative part to the whole trip it was perhaps the restaurant in Tay Ninh. The food was very average (perhaps the least appetising of our entire trip) and the staff was certainly not typical of our experience in Vietnam - one female member of staff actually informed us that a certain brand of beer was unavailable then proceeded to serve it to other tables - I am quite certain that it was not a language problem…. I understand that being a relatively small village that it is the only "restaurant" suited to tourists but in hindsight we would have been happy to skip Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh altogether.
Overall, we had a fantastic tour and would be very happy to recommend Travel Vietnam to friends and family. The customised tour with our own guide, driver and transport meant we weren't under any pressure to meet "deadlines" and were free to enjoy the sights/experiences at our own pace. The choice of accommodation was also excellent.
Thank you once again for putting together a great itinerary and tour.
Yours sincerely
Denise Koong and Philip James from Australia.

Central & South Vietnam - Apr 10th 2012 to Apr 20th 2012
I had a fantastic time. You did an excellent job arranging everything on short notice and taking care of my requests…Pleas pass this on to your supervisor - they need to know what an excellent job you did When any of my friends want to travel to Vietnam your are the only person whom I will let them be set up by.
Thank you so much!!
Mr. Tony Zanatta from Canada

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