Hanoi – Halong bay 2 days 7-8 Mar 2017
Hi Vicky
Just wanted to say thank you for all your help sorting out our travel. Everything has gone like clockwork and the service you and your driver have provided has been excellent.
The seaplane flight was incredible, we loved every minute of it.
We will contact you again when we next visit Vietnam.
Kind regards
Ivan and Ryan from UK
Highlights of Vietnam 13 days 12 nights from 16 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017.
Dear Ms. Anna,
Thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip. We had a lovely time visiting Vietnam. I greatly appreciate all of your help in arranging our vacation and making it run so smoothly.
Kathleen from USA
Vietnam-Cambodia Discovery 12 days from 17 to 28 Feb 2017
Hi Vicky,
We had a marvellous holiday thanks to you. Our trip to Hanoi and Saigon was fun but our trips to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh were a little rushed. The guides in Hanoi and Siem Reap were very good. Our guide Xuan has been very helpful and knowledgable. You have a good guide in him and we have been very pleased with his services.
The hotels were good and spacious. The Halong cruise was excellent and the ship very comfortable.
The weather in Hanoi was the best.
Maybe one should come here in November or December.
Thanks again. Good to meet you in person at last.
Best regards.
Ali Qizilbash from Canada.
Vietnam Discovery – 21 days from 08 – 28 February 2017
Hi Viet,
I will be filling out the online survey momentarily. In the meantime here are some thoughts.
Our trip was one of the best we have ever undertaken. We enjoyed the country and especially the people we met and talked to.
It was very thoughtful for you to meet us and buy us dinner. We enjoyed your company and the conversation about your brother's wedding and living in Vietnam. Thanks for the gift of the plates...Pat has a place picked out for them when we arrive home.
I am glad we went to Sapa even though the weather was bad. Meeting our Hmong guide (Kim) and being taken down the mountain was a real experience. She was remarkable. She is 26 years old, married with three children She lives in a village where there is no electricity and no running water. She was happy and gave the impression she had all she needed and nothing she wanted. We could all learn something from her.
Halong Bay was remarkable but far too developed and too many tourists. On our cruise there must have been 30 or 40 boats stopped overnight. I hope that the beauty of that spot won't be spoiled by too much development.
One of the highlights was Dalat when we went to a temple with our guide Mr. Thom. He was about our age and opened up to us about his experience from the war. It all started with me asking him about names on benches surrounding the temple. ( for example, " With Gratitude ,Viet Nguyen of Sydney Australia " ) . These are people who escaped the war and after 30 or more years came back home to visit their ancestors and purchase a bench. Pat and I both were overcome with emotion listening to the stories he told about his country and his people and the terrible times the Vietnamese people experienced.
In Hoi An we met Lilly and she was a real “firecracker ". She was 26 and still lives at home. Her parents were arranging a marriage for her and she was not going to go through with it so she got a small tattoo and when the boy’s parents saw it, that was the end of the marriage. She was very outspoken and sometimes she had to remind herself she was dealing with foreign tourists. She had a great sense of humor and after she got to know me she could be very funny in the things she would say. For example I heard her talking to the staff on the boat and I could hear the English phrase “hello people " After she finished her conversation with the staff I asked her about the phrase . She was initially embarrassed that I had picked up on it but went on to explain that was what foreign tourists were called. I asked her why and she said because none of the tourists could say anything meaningful in the Vietnamese language they always greeted the Vietnamese people they met by saying “hello “. Hence the moniker “hello people ".
In Na Trang we met Marie on the boat cruise. She is Ukrainian and fluent in 3 languages and can get by in another two. A beautiful girl from Odessa who came to a very foreign country to make a better life for herself. She had excellent English skills and I learned a lot about her life in Odessa and her background. Finally in Saigon our guide was Nhan. She was also around 26 years old. As with the other young guides she was quite outspoken. She told us that Vietnam had only one religion and that was " money ". From what Pat I saw in our trip from North to South she is probably correct. We may have noted a theme in talking about the young women who were our guides. They were confident and outgoing and given their ages (like you) are the face of the new Vietnam .
We started in Hanoi and the further south we got the more economically advanced the country seemed to be. That has a good and bad side as well. In Da Nang the entire coast is being built on and I suspect it will be but a few years and all you will see is high rise after high rise.
We were treated like royalty during our trip. The drivers were always early to pick us up and the guides were attentive to our requests, always asking on the days we were driving on long trips they always gave us water ( lots of water ) and stopped frequently so we could use the " happy room " . Our initial trips were terrifying as I had never experienced the chaos of traffic in Vietnam. The scariest drive was at night to the Victoria Hotel in the Mekong. It was dark and there where motorbikes all over the place. I still don’t know how Mr. Lung did it because I never could.
All we had to do each day was to show up at the appointed time and the guides and driver looked after everything else. If you ever get a new career it should be in the army organizing troop movements and invasions !
The hotels rooms were great...some better than others but all were clean and close to the center of the places we stopped in.
What we wanted before we went was an opportunity to experience Vietnam and its people. In some places that was hard to do because Vietnam has been overrun by foreign tourists ( about 13 million last year and not counting Vietnamese travelling in their own country ) In other places like Sapa and the Mekong we got to see the people before development had overtaken the area.
When I was in Vietnam all I ate was Vietnamese food . I never saw a fat Vietnamese so I thought I wouldn't gain any weight on the trip but I am sure I did. (Pat thinks it was all the beer I was drinking and she is probably right.
The people in the tourist industry are well trained and have the best customer service we have experienced in our travels.
One grumble is the Vietnamese wine ( we like white wine ) which was not very good .
All in all a wonderful trip and an experience of a lifetime
Thanks Viet
Dave and Pat Helm from Canada
Vietnam & Cambodia 15 days 14 nights - 13 Feb – 27 Feb 2017
Dear Nga Vu
We also had a very good time. Vietnam is realy bautiful country and totally different. Sa pa with the tribes' poeple is an excepctional experience; a traphic on the streets of Hanoi and Cho Chi Minh (Saigon) is a little bit scare but also challenging; Hoian with old down town and scary monsume rain almost every year make you thing and admire the poeple who live over there; the river cruise through Mekong delta with caramel manufactory seems to be a unique experience; the Unesco accepted monuments of Angkor Teples doesn't need any comment. Thank you very much for making to us the schedule of the travel and reserve very comfortable hotels. We appreciate the time and knowledge of the guides, although the guides of Vietnam are more accesible and friendly than those of Cambodia. Now we are at home and teflecting everything we have done and experience with you help, Thank you again and maby we would meet in the future.
Warm regard,
Ryszard Gron, and my companieros from Poland
Family Trip in the North of Vietnam” From 19 to 26 February 2017.
All my family and I were sincerely very very pleased to travel with your agency. We traveled from February 19th to 26th with you and there was not any problem or annoyance. Everything was perfect.
We want to say a big THANK YOU to your consultant, Ms. Giang Duong. She was absolutely friendly, efficient, available, professional and careful.
We also want to say thank you to our driver, Mr. Hung. He was always punctual, smiling, reassuring and professional.
Thank you to Mr. Tuan, our French-speaking tour guide: friendly, interesting, professional and he wields French language very well!
At last, thanks a lot to the whole people in our 3 hotels and on the Halong Bay cruise!
Seriously, we'll warmly recommend your agency, and particularly Ms. Giang!
Cảm ơn rất nhiều và hẹn gặp lại!
Trân trọng,
Louis Vidal & Family from France

VIETNAM HOLIDAY 16 days/ 15 nights from 9 Feb 2017 to 24 Feb 2017
Dear Duong
Our lovely journey to Vietnam is coming to the end
It was impressive what we have seen of this site beautiful country.
Thank you for this very well organized tour.
Thank you and see us again for a next tour with your company
Michael and Karin from Switzerland

Highlights of Cambodia & Vietnam 11 days 10 nights from 14 Feb 2017 to 24 Feb 2017.
The organization was excellent, with fast response to emails and updated itinerary provided quickly. We booked the holiday only 3 weeks before travelling, and everything ran very smoothly. We had a fantastic time and would recommend this company to friends and family. Thank you.
Thanks & best regards,
Mr. Abhijit Mohite from UK
VIETNAM HOLIDAY 14 days/ 13 nights from 10 Feb 2017 to 23 Feb 2017
Apart from the first guide in Cao Lai,and the car from Hoian to Hue everything was wonderful.
The Nam Hai and the Violet are great but they do not give the right value for the money!
Ms Doung has been of a great support before, and especially during the tour when she solve all the problems that aroused during the tour, she gave us a very attentive service and a high quality service.
She is the best tour operator we ever met.”
Dr. Lazar Iulian from Israel

Taste of Vietnam – 15 days 14 nights - 7 Feb – 20 Feb 2017
Ms. Nga Vu,
Thank you again for all your help. We arrived well and on time to Korea. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and were very happy that we used your services. We hope we can make it back to Vietnam one day.
Amy (and Soonhyung) from Korea + Canada

ESSENTIAL VIETNAM 11 days/ 10 nights from 9 Feb 2017 to 19 Feb 2017
Dear Ms. Nguyen,
I completed the feedback link. Thank you again for a great trip. Everything was excellent and we will definitely recommend Travel Vietnam to our friends and family in the future.
Have a great day and good luck,
Jordan Habiby from USA
Package ORCHID CRUISE – 3 Days 2 Nights from 16 February to 18 February 2017
Dear Giang Duong,
Thank you very much for your email.
We had a wonderful time in Halong Bay. If we ever travel to Vietnam again we will certainly contact you. For the moment we are considering on going back to Myanmar maybe next year.
Thank you very much for the upgrade at the cruise and all the compliments during our trip.
Kindest Regards,
Max Reidel from Chile
Highlights of Vietnam from 6 to 16 Feb 2017
Hi Vicky,
Client, Feroza and partner were happy with the tour in Vietnam.
Thank you for your services.
Ms. Feroza Vatcha & partner from India
Package Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel and Halong Violet Cruise (From 10 to 14 February 2017)
Hi Giang
Sorry Lena’s e-mail is not working so sorry in the delay in replying to you. Firstly thank you for the lovely gifts and a huge thank you for arranging the trip we really enjoyed it.
Violet was a great Boat, the Food, Staff and the care shown was brilliant. Tang, our Driver there and back was really good, friendly and very safe which we really appreciated.
Great trip and we will recommend your services to friends.
Best regards
Batchelor from United Kingdom
Vietnam Holiday 9 days 8 nights - 5 Feb – 13 Feb 2017
Dear Nga Vu,
Just to inform you that we have sent the e-survey as requested. Nevertheless, we would like to thank you for your assistance and for all the information provided. We really enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to see some of the beauties of your Country. Also the organization of the different trips was perfect, as well as all the people who took care of us were so friendly and helpful.
Please be sure that we will contact you again if we decide to return to Vietnam or to any other Country covered by AT&L. In this short period since we are back I have already mentioned your Organization to several friends and will keep doing so in the future.
Our best wishes,
Carmen & Evaristo from Spain
Sapa Adventure from 4 Feb 2017 to 8 Feb 2017
From our first email to Travel Vietnam to all the arrangements, everything was prepared for us seamlessly. Duong was very responsive and helpful to all our questions and was patient when we had to confirm our dates. The Sapa tour was very worthwhile and the scenery was amazing. However, on the very last day of the trek, we had a little too much free time considering after the trek, we were tired and would have preferred to rest and shower in our room. Maybe consider switching the trek to one of the earlier days? We had a delightful time and would definitely recommend Travel Vietnam.”
Ms Joanna Ng from USA
VIETNAM HOLIDAY 15 days/ 14 nights from 19 Jan 2017 to 2 Feb 2017
Dear Duong
We are home, very tired, but very happy
I will write to you soon in details the feedback but the bottom line is that we were very satisfied with the trip and with the service of you and your company.
best regards
Miki & Eli from Israel
NORTH VIETNAM & ANGKOR WAT 12 days 11 nights from 20 Jan 2017 to 31 Jan 2017
Hello Mua,
At first, I would like to thank you for your kindness and all the things that you've done for us : everything was very well planned.
We really enjoyed all the excursions, the places and the guides that you choose for us.
This experience was really a success since the beginning till the end of the tour.
All the guides were really open-minded and they taught us a lot of things about history and culture from their country.
It was a real pleasure also to visit Cambodia after Vietnam, it was really different and we will keep a lot of great memories from all the trip.
Thank you so much, again. You can be sure that we will recommend Asia Travel to all of our friends if they want to travel to Asia.
Best regards.
Marie-Luce & Noemie Lapierre from France
BEST OF THE NORTH 8 Days 7 Nights from 20 Jan to 27 Jan 2017
Lana I can not tell you how much I enjoyed Khoa. He was smart, knowledgeable, respectful of our wishes and made the trip to North Vietnam the highlight of our Asian adventure. What a treasure. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. It made us want to return to Vietnam soon and explore the rest of the country. Five Stars!
Robert Moss from United States
VIETNAM HOLIDAY 12 days/ 11 nights from 16 Jan 2017 to 27 Jan 2017
Hi Duong
Thanks for your kind words!
I just got back to Canada a few days ago.
We took one week vacation in Phu Quoc island, Malinda resort is a good place that you can arrange your guests stay in.
That was a very pleasure time during the trip.
I love everything about the tour both visiting places and accommodations. All of the tour guides that we had were really professional but the only one in the middle. We were really impressed by the guy in Nha Trang.
In general, we loved everything about the trip and would totally take it again. I will give feedback as what we experienced.
I hope you had a wonderful time with you family and friends.
Best luck on your career ! and again, thank you very much for the gifts, they are lovely!
Sarah Nguyen from Canada.
Insight of Vietnam Tour 15 days/ 14 nights from 7 Jan 2017 to 21 Jan 2017
Thank you for a wonderful trip to Vietnam. The quality of the services we received were beyond our expectations. I would like to especially mention our guides in Dalat (Dinh) and Ho Chi Minh City (Huyen) for their great skills, knowledge, and extra kindness in spending time with us to share so much about their experiences and culture. All the other guides were excellent but these two were the best. Thank you also for providing the mobile phone for emergencies. We used in when our flight from Hanoi to Hue was cancelled and sent to Danang instead due to bad weather. Mua immediately arranged for our guide and driver to meet us in Danang and they spent an extra long day driving from one city to the other and back in order to meet us and bring us to our hotel in Hue.
I would also like to mention how much we enjoyed our cooking class at KOTO in Hanoi and the rice farm eco-tour in Hoi An. The chef in Hanoi and the guide in Hoi An both added special enjoyment to our trip.
My only suggestion for improvement is about two of the hotels. We were not impressed with the hotel in Can Tho. Although it was modern with many amenities, it was not on a par with any of the others. The room was large and nicely decorated but it smelled moldy, the carpet was stained, and the location is very noisy with a night club across the street. On the other hand, the hotels in Hoi An and Hanoi were just wonderful. The hotel in Hoi An was among the best I have ever stayed in in many travels around the world. The hotel in Hanoi was lovely as well, although I would recommend putting your guests in one of the larger rooms (ours was very small with no closet so we could not unpack). In both, the staff and service were first class and I would be very happy to stay in them again.
I hope these comments are helpful. Again, thank you for an excellent introduction to Vietnam. We will certainly recommend your company to others.
Robert & Sharon from USA
Vietnam Luxury Journey - 10 Days from 10 - 19 January 2017
Dear Viet,
We are safely back home and I would like to thank you again for the excellent organization of our trip. Everything worked like clockwork, without any problems anywhere. From the guides to the accommodations, transportations and food there was absolutely nothing that was not perfect (except for the weather ? ).
As I wrote in the individual feedback forms, all the guides were excellent, but I would especially like to mention Tao, our guide in North Vietnam. He was the best of the best. Please once again convey our thanks to him.
I don't know how soon we can come back to Vietnam, but if we do, I will certainly contact you and we will recommend you to all my friends planning a vacation in southeast Asia.
Best regards
Mr. Haluk Sardag & Family from Turkey
Indochina Tour 23 days 22 nights from 27 Dec 2016 to 18 Jan 2017.
Now at home I continue dreaming about the wonderful travel to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Everything was great and I am very happy you visited us at the Silverland Hotel in Saigon, and thanks again for the beautiful plates you gave to us, now at home they made to me a souvenir of you and Vietnam.
Also I want to thank again for the help of all, company and guides in Cambodia, Soka and Tola gave to me for collect in Phnom Penh my Colombian documents and wallet I have left in the hotel and send it to Siem Reap and return them to me personally. It has been very special and appreciate it very much.
Thank you again, I hope some day I can come back to your beautiful country and by sure I will recommend you and your agencies to my friends. I have answer your E-survey with my comments which express the wonderful travel we have had.
Best regards,
Ms. Lucia Restrepo from Colombia

SOUTH EAST ASIA HOLIDAYS – 19 DAYS from 28 Dec 2016 to 15 Jan 2017
I have no suggestions for improving the quality of this trip, only praise. Our trip went seamlessly in respect to your flight reservations, accommodations, drivers and guides. One of our party became ill in Cambodia. The assistance you and your team provided allowed the rest of our party to move on as we knew she was being well cared for and was safe. You made the necessary changes in her schedule to join us as soon as she was able providing changes in flight, drivers to and from the airport and even team members to visit her in the hospital to assist with language limitations and emotional support.
We had a fabulous trip in all respects thanks to your caring and efficient team and your attention to detail. I have, and will continue to, recommend your agency to anyone thinking about visiting SE Asia, an area very close to my heart as the countries are beautiful, the people welcoming, and the culture rich with history.
Debbie Thompson
Ms. Debbie Thompson from Minnesota - USA

BEST OF THE SOUTH 5 Days 4 Nights from 11 Jan to 15 Jan 2017
Dear Lana,
Thanks a lot for the great services you arranged for us.
We had a lovely trip and I will tell my friends or family when they have travel plans to Vietnam.
Best regards,
Hetty Post from Netherland
VIETNAM HONEYMOON 16 Days 15 Nights from 29 Dec 2016 to 13 Jan 2017
Tx lana! We loved all choosen Sites/ schedules/ places/Hotels/cars etc. We missed nothing ❤️, only water puppet could be replaced by 36 streets in banoi. We have already recommend you to our friend, and will come back to you for our next kambodia, Myanmar trip. Tx a lot you made us a perfect honeymoon.
Best regards
Barbara Breulmann Flasch from Austria

Vietnam Holiday 10 days 9 nights - 1 Jan – 11 Jan 2017
Dear Nga Vu,
Thank you, Nga! We had such a great time and we were amazed at how much we were able to see and do in such a short period of time! We will definitely be back to Vietnam - we particularly enjoyed Hanoi and Hoi An - and we'd love to explore different areas as well when we come back. It was so nice to meet you in person finally and to meet Sunny as well. We hope you have a happy lunar new year and hope to see you again in the future!
Kim & Ryan from USA

Vietnam discovery 13 days 12 nights. From 28th Dec 2016 to 9th Jan 2017.
Dear Mary D,
We've Just back in Italy. We had a great stay in Vietnam. Your country is Marvellous and if our vacation was unforgettabe the great merit is yours.
Thanks a lot for the remarkable work you did.
Sincerely grateful 
Fabio D'ANTONA and his family from Italy
Cambodia & Vietnam discovery 14 days from 24th Dec 2016 to 6th Jan 2017.
Thank you sooo much Mary, we had just a wonderful trip thanks to your precise and detailed planning(I have filled out the form too), we are used to Swiss timing always being on time but everyone during our trip was just on time or earlier than the scheduled time, it ran like a clock, we were just completely impressed how you could arrange to run it all so perfectly...
Our return trip was good too, we had a 10 hour time to visit and see Hong Kong too, and after the authenticity of Vietnam it was quite horrible.
Your big celebration is coming up and I hope to be in time for the new year if I manage, hope you get some few days off to have a well deserved holiday...
Thank you soooo much, and so long.
Esra & Fabrizio Jauch from Switzerland

VIETNAM FAMILY HOLIDAY 15 days/ 14 nights from 23rd December 2016 to 06th January 2017
Hello Gracie!
We are on our way back to Finland and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything.
You did a marvellous job in arranging our programme for a holiday we will never forget. Everything went better than we could have dreamt of, the guides were knowledgeable and the setup gave us a wonderful opportunity to learn about Vietnam. And what a beautiful country it is! We enjoyed every day of our trip.
Cam on Gracie. Planning this trip with you was a pleasure. You helped with every small detail, we were so lucky to have you as our contact in Vietnam. We sincerely hope to come back! I might have lost a piece of my heart in Hanoi...
All the best to you Gracie and your family.
On behalf of the whole group I want to thank you once more!
Take care,
Anna Kurten & Family from Finland

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