Bac Lieu is generally thought of as being in the Mekong Delta, although it is actually located slightly to the south of the Mekong's main outflows. The province shares the common border with Hau Giang on the north, Soc Trang in the northeast, Kien Giang on the northwest, with Ca Mau on the west and southwest, and with the sea on the east and southeast.

Coordinates:  9°15′N 105°45′E

Region             Mekong Delta
Capital             Bac Lieu
Area                 2,468.7 km2
Population (2011)
  • Total            873,300
  • Density       354/km2

  • Ethnicities  Kinh, Khmer
                          Cham, Chinese
Calling code   0781
The topography of the province is featured by many large canals such as Phung Hiep, Canh Den, Pho Sinh, Gia Rai. Most of the terrain lies at around 1.2 meters compared to sea level.

Bac Lieu lies within the tropical monsoon climate region with two distinct seasons: rainy season from May to November, dry season from December to April of following year. There is little difference in the temperature between seasons. The average annual temperature is 26oC, the highest temperature is 31.5oC and lowest is 22.5oC. Bac Lieu is seldom influenced by storms and flooding. However, it is strongly affected by East Sea’s tides and diurnal tides from the western sea.

In the past, Bac Lieu is known as the land of debauchees, and the most popular anecdote of “Bac Lieu dude”, who was very rich and open-handed at that time. This land had attracted many rich landowners at that time. They move there to construct their own residences. Today, tourists visiting Bac Lieu will be impressed by the luxurious and elegant Western-style buildings, which had been constructed long time ago.  These buildings include the villa of Bac Lieu Madarin’s son, which stands along the river, and other buildings situated in the Hang Me Park, such as the Administration House, the court, the Bo mansion (the building of the head mandarin), the Son quarter official building, and Dong Trach. Presently, these buildings are used for the provincial Library, the People’ Court of Investigation, and the office for the Bac Lieu Newspaper.

Coming there, tourists also can visit the Bac Lieu Bird Reserve, Vinh Hung Ancient Tower, Xiem Can Pagoda or visit longan gardens and discover mangrove forest.

Khmer people organize Dang Bong Ceremony to raise money for constructions of a brigde, road, school, pagoda, or other public project. Besides, they hold Dang Phuoc Ceremony to commemorate their deceased friends and family members.

Bac Lieu is 280km from Ho Chi Minh City, 67km from Ca Mau, 50km from Soc Trang, and 113km from Can Tho. The National Highway No. 1A crosses the province and links to Soc Trang and Ca Mau province.

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